HippoEDIT - Windows Text Editor
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Special Offer for GiveAwayOfTheDay users

Thanks a lot for installing HippoEDIT!

We are sure - you made the right choice ;)

You got a fully functional, not time-limited, and up-to-date version of HippoEDIT.
But there are some limitations:

  • This edition can be used only for non-commercial purposes
  • There are no free upgrades for future versions
  • There are no new and updated syntaxes, plugins, dictionaries etc.
  • There is no access to new major version betas
  • You need an extra license to use 64-bit or non-Unicode version
  • There is no free technical support
  • You cannot request new features and influence the development
  • And of course, it is not your name in the About Box ;)

To get a FULL license, you can use a special offer for GiveAwayOfTheDay users and get HippoEDIT with almost a 55% discount (meaning that the price is 24.95$ instead of usual 39.95 EUR). The license is without any limitation and with all benefits included.

Buy now for 24.95$

In any case, we are very happy that you have joined the big family of HippoEDIT users and hope you will stay with us for a good while!