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HippoEDIT 1.49 - Bugfix Release:


This is bug fix release. A lot of crashes fixed, stability has been improved. Added new user settings flags and commands, optimized usability for editing functions and options management.

What is new:

  • Added %UserDir% tag for referring user directory (directory where all user data has been installed. As \data, \workspaces *.config, for portable mode it equal to %AppDir%)
  • Added Permanent Smart Highlight mode. If ON, smart highlighting is not automatically removed with cursor movement or text edit, but toggled if new word is smart highlighted. By default disabled. Controlled by new XML flag PermanentSmartHighlight
  • Already used shortcuts indicated in red color, during shortcut typing in all shortcut windows (fex in Keyboard Settings). So there is no need to press Assign any more to get message that shortcut is already in use
  • Auto complete in Find fields. Details...
  • Browse.. command added to Tools Arguments menu. Details...
  • Check for file update before save to avoid overwriting
  • Command added for opening New Browser window. If called from within another browser window duplicate window open. Details...
  • Default method for tab/spaces conversion for Auto Mode: controls which mode to select, if document content is not sufficient for statistics (fex for new documents). Default, Tabs are allowed. Set settings.xml -> <Formatting><AutoModeUseTabs>false</AutoModeUseTabs></Formatting> to use space mode by default for auto mode. Details...
  • Disable auto conversion of tabs to space on save as XML flag. Set settings.xml -> <Formatting><TabConvertOnSave>true</TabConvertOnSave></Formatting> to enable once more. The value only relevant for Tab modes which does not allow tabs. Details...
  • Extra menu entry added to document context menu, if all toolbars and main menu are hidden, same as for Full Screen Mode. Already several users tried such "minimalistic" mode and were not able to find way back
  • File paths saved relative to working directory of the project, if it is defined. If not defined, paths are relative to project location, as logic before
  • From now on it is possible to disable usage of some Clipboard Formats with XML flag in settings.xml. Details...
    <Clipboard disabled_formats="(HTML, RTF)"/>
  • From now on it is possible to use current document window background color as background color for Overview Bar. By default disabled. Controlled by new XML flag OverviewBarDrawBackColor
  • Move cursor down after using Edit.Selection[Un]Comment. Details...
  • New XML flag to show asterisk (*) beside modified file names in Document Tabs, Menus and Tool Windows (fex if you do not like only color indication). To enable add this <TabAsterisk>true</TabAstersik> to HippoEDIT.config. Default is false, so the entry is not inside
  • Next/Previous Page Shortcut == Edit.PageBreakNext/Prev. Check keyboard settings for this. No default shortcut, no menu entry. Details...
  • Now it is possible to see style stack (from top to bottom all intersecting styles) for cursor position. To get this information you need to press Ctrl+Alt+Shift and hover the mouse over target text. Mostly helpful for people developing their own syntax schemes
  • On drop of the folder in Project Explorer, not only add project name, but call per-filled Add Folder dialog
  • Set Initial directory of the File open/save dialog based on Initial Directory from current tool settings. Details...
  • Updated and not modified documents from now on reloaded automatically by default. Controlled by new XML flag AutoReloadNonModified
  • File information storage location (where file bookmarks, outlining state, cursor position etc. should be stored). For 1.49 as XML setting and from 1.50 as UI setting.
    <General> <Persist location="0"/> </General>
    0 - File state information stored in hidden satellite file ({file_name}.heinf) in same directory. Fast way
    1 - File state information stored in hidden directory shared file.heinf located in same directory. Slower. This depends on amount of files with state information in same directory.
    2 - File state information stored in current workspace file (so, workspace specific). Slowest, Depends on amount of files with state information. Can make generic workspace loading slower.
    3 - File state information stored in alternative file stream inside of same source file. Only for NTFS 5 and higher (Win 2000). The state information will be lost if file is copied on file system different from NTFS. Fast. No additional files used

What has been fixed and changed:

  • &nbsp; is not used any more as replacement for space in HTML export (clipboard copies). Should solve numerous inconveniences for Copy & Paste in external applications
  • *.hlp files are now supported as contextual items in Context Help items and can be used for contextual help. Details...
  • Active syntax filter should be selected when calling Save As. Details...
  • Add Do not show once more checkbox for Count Only option of the Find dialog
  • Address field disappears from Web toolbar in docked state. Details...
  • Alternative close tags do not work. Details...
  • Auto reload by default should be done for files, not modified during session, but not just unmodified. Details...
  • Auto-generated bug reports displayed in message box (with Copy functionality), if no e-mail client found. Details...
  • Auto-Hidden menu is not shown after pressing of Alt+F
  • Check that user data folder is writable (user has enough permissions) and inform user, if this is not a case. This should reduce number of reported problems for Windows 7, when settings are not saved or registration is not working
  • Command line -> OPEN second file -> the opened file doesn't get focus. Details...
  • Command line option no-recent does not work
  • Comments, with start_pos set, does not any more have priority against other comment blocks. Details...
  • Commenting of lines from 0 position (when comment only in 0 position allowed) does not work right - extra space is inserted before
  • Conflict with current Windows palette colors, when active tool window captions drawn in black in HE
  • Crash after calling of the context menu on read-only Plain Text document
  • Crash after multi-file search with bookmarking of results selected
  • Random crashes during file search
  • Crash during multi line regular expression replacement
  • Crash during multi-editing
  • Crash during replacement in very long, syntax highlighted, line
  • Crash during save of very large file, probably because of few continues space
  • Crash during saving of the new keyboard map
  • Crash during switching of the workspaces with open projects
  • Crash on automatic file reload
  • Crash on Find Next with files search, if match is found in huge document (asynchronous load is active)
  • Crash on load of huge files (with enormous amount of lines). Fix, does not solve all cases, but reduces amount of them for smaller files
  • Crash when including project file in another project file and later double click on it
  • Crash when pressing OK in Project Settings or Document settings
  • Crash when trying to save very large file (more than 500 Mb)
  • Ctrl+V and Shift+Ins behaves differently in search field of Search dialog
  • Decrease desktop size by taskbar height, when searching for best position on auto placing. Details...
  • Default schema (def_spec.xml) has been updated to support sftp protocol in URLs Details...
  • Default URL recognition pattern. Used when context menu for URL called for displaying Navigate to: on top of menu
  • Delete previous chars in null-width selection but keep block mode. Details...
  • Directory template tags should not contain trailing \, because then it is difficult to recognize a path. Important: existing template usages should be adopted
  • Document tabs disappear after expand of Find Result window and following navigation to found position by double click
  • Double "File Changed" after SVN revert
  • Drag & Drop and single instance feature do not work in Vista and Windows 7 when programs with lower system credentials used
  • Drawing artifacts of the menu bar
  • Duplicated line is not selected any more automatically, after Duplicate line, if the original line was not selected before
  • Editor context menu called on script file includes has also open entry in addition to execute entry
  • Error during PDF export. Details...
  • Error during Save As when project with specific code page used
  • File path is not updated in Navigation Bar after Save as. Details...
  • File Properties for unsaved (not existing) file are enabled
  • Files are open in internal browser with File.Open, if internal web browser is active. This was not a bug but feature, but nobody understands it
  • Find Count popup is not shown any more (for Count Only mode) - instead information is placed in status area in dialog and status bar
  • Fixes for external file update checks for remote (network) files. Details...
  • HE does not comment single line if it is already commented. Details...
  • HE takes into account line offset of first selected line, when doing line commenting, to be as VS
  • Help for using of regular expressions extended with more links to additional documentation
  • Hint windows overlap screen edges. Details...
  • If "keep files locked when editing them" set in options, new and saved files shown locked initially
  • If editor is set to "Allow Multiple Instances" to false, then second open document from Windows Explorer, added to tabs, do not get a focus
  • If file name contains [], then HE cut everything that comes after it
  • If horizontal ruler is enabled, it is possible to scroll with cursor on it with mouse will
  • If more than 16 MRU files used, recent files processed wrong. Details...
  • If user press Tab in Multi-edit mode, insert tab expanding selection but no do un-indent. Details...
  • Improved column mode edit, when Zero-Width selection used. Details...
  • In COLUMN edit mode: after press <TAB> then the last row won't indent. Details...
  • Indentation Guides check box is enabled in syntax settings, if "indent" styles not defined for syntax. Details...
  • Information about version check saved immediately after first answer from user, this avoid subsequent version checks in other instances started lately without close of first
  • Initial filer for files in File Explorer folder tree is not applied
  • Installation bug with "All Users" selection for User Folder location
  • Installation for "All Users" does not work on Windows 98
  • Installer does not remember destination folder on Windows 7 x64
  • Intermediate crash from version 801 when editing text
  • It is not possible to enter Polish characters with Alt Grey + N. Always menu executes
  • It is not possible to set Capture Output for *.cmd files in tool dialog
  • Items (tools) disappear from Tools menu after you open integrated browser once. Details...
  • Keeps files locked while editing them periodically locks itself and show file locked
  • Label parsing for construction like if|for|while... with recursion in label definition. Now updated schemes will work
  • Label parsing in syntaxes with embedded sub syntaxes (as HTML). Particularly, after this fix "class" label is found in PHP
  • Layout of the Floating Windows is destroyed after editor restart
  • Logic for smart comments. Now only applied, if minimum 2 neighbor lines already commented
  • Markers on Overview bar now drawn not only if line count is bigger than screen height, but also if maximum line length does not fit into visible area and word wrap is disabled
  • Move cursor down after using Edit.SelectionUnComment
  • Not enough credentials for works on Vista and Windows 7. UAC manifest added
  • Now it is possible to use same symbols as word symbol and block definition in syntax schemes. So this enable $ as word symbol for PHP and in same time keep Code Completion working
  • Numerous corrections for right processing of Perl language (member accessors processing, style escaping control etc.)
  • Output (bottom) window now has same width as editor window and give more space to explorers as in VS
  • Overlapping of neighboring text blocks in Print Preview mode
  • Overlay icons are not shown in File list in File Explorer, but shown for folders
  • Preview for HTML/XML files open in internal browser for temporary files (not saved) is not stored between sessions
  • Problem with ampersand in message area in Find dialog (when search for text with & inside done)
  • Problem with matching braces highlight when braces correspond to one of the scope tags (for example Lisp or Scheme syntax)
  • Project files are open as text when using File Open or Find in Files. Only if explicit Project Open used, project is loaded
  • Registration for portable version does not work Details...
  • Same text copied into clipboard is not updated even if syntax was changed. Results that syntax highlighted text will be pasted wrong in other apps
  • Scroll arrows on document tab bar shown only if they are necessary
  • Search hangs after long multi-file search (Stop is active and no action is accepted)
  • Selection is not removed from window list in Windows->Windows dialog. Details...
  • Show in Changed Areas list not only recent changes, but also saved changes. Details...
  • Single search (Find) for multi-document types (Open Documents, Recent Files, Files in Directory) is always restarted after Find dialog loses focus
  • Special processing for com1-com9, lpt1-lpt2 in text. Maybe will solve this problem
  • Start Page is not hidden any more on focus lost, if no documents are open
  • The cursor after block paste, placed to top-left corner of pasted content, as in other editors (Word, VS, EmEditor) but not right-bottom like now
  • Toolbar buttons style for tools sub-menus
  • Tooltips for variables on hover are not shown, if editor does not have a focus
  • Unicode file names cause exceptions, when file passed through command line and current user locale not equal to local of file name
  • URL clicked in the text editor are always open in internal browser. New flag is created in hippoedit.config <IntegratedBrowser>true</IntegratedBrowser> for controlling if internal or external browser should be selected. Default value is true (to be compatible)
  • Warning message from HE about "Not a shortcut" when some Czech symbol entered. Details...
  • When file was deleted, check that file was not once more created, before showing popup about keeping deleted file
  • When opening files, known syntax file patterns are used to determine initial syntax (language) of the document. If parent syntax and inherited have same file extension in file pattern, than file pattern of the sub syntax wins, and inherited syntax should be selected
  • Why help window is always topmost?. Details...
  • Writing characters with caron on Czech keyboard layout does not work. Details...
  • Wrong icon shown for tools
  • Wrong locked state for loaded files, when "Keep files locked when editing set"
  • XML Flag controlling collapsing of comments on Collapse All. Details...

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