HippoEDIT - Windows Text Editor
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Color Schemes

Here you can find list of different color schemes for syntax highlighting which can be used in HippoEDIT.

Hur du installerar tillägg med 1.50 och högre: download bundle file (*.hebundle) and open it with HippoEDIT. Or use editor built-in on-line repository functionality.

Hur du installerar tillägg med 1.4x och lägre: get extension using download link from the list, rename *.hebundle file to *.zip and unpack the archive into user data folder (current path can be found in About Box).




Blue22.02.13795Ladda ner
CalmDown21.04.101839Ladda ner
Dark11.06.09843Ladda ner
Default11.06.09724Ladda ner
Eclipse28.10.141996Ladda ner
High Contrast11.06.09793Ladda ner
Monokai03.03.131954Ladda ner
Printer Friendly30.06.09481Ladda ner
Solarized (Dark)03.03.131634Ladda ner
Solarized (Light)03.03.131422Ladda ner
Sunburst03.03.131608Ladda ner
TextMate11.06.09819Ladda ner
Twilight03.03.131714Ladda ner
UltraEdit30.06.091154Ladda ner
Visual Studio13.10.091713Ladda ner
Zenburn22.02.13770Ladda ner

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